Minerva Elite Performance Limited

Minerva Elite provides bespoke learning & development for executive teams and workforces using a combination of psychology, management training tools, academic research and practical team exercises and experiences. We seek to improve the performance of our clients in leadership, communication and teamwork skills with the ultimate result of improving client profitability.

Every learning and development engagement is bespoke and tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Leadership & Management teams will have the opportunity to work at a deep personal level, outside of their perceived comfort zones in dynamic team environments, where the learning will be challenging but always in a safe learning environment for all delegates. With interactive exercises and unique opportunities for self-observation, learning, reflection and active team development.

Underpinned with formally accredited business skills qualifications, Minerva Elite strives to produce the very best results for its clients both in theory and in practice. Whether its continued professional development through to a full Masters of Business Administration, Minerva Elite has the staff, courses and awarding ability to take your organisation from 'Good to Great!'

Minerva Elite can also provide high caliber associates at high readiness to support your decision making cycle anywhere you require it worldwide. These individuals have the ability to rapidly understand the environment and issues your organisation faces and provide subject matter expertise to effect a successful outcome.

Minerva Elite utilizes only the very best of instructors with proven track records and unique experience drawn from the military, police, academia and corporate business. All of the company’s instructors possess the recognized teaching certificates and academic qualifications in their particular disciplines to enable a sublime learning experience.


British Standards - BS 65000


Guidance on Organizational Resilience

All training delivered by Minerva Elite will use as a base the British Standard on Organisational Resilience BS65000: 2014 whose aims are endorsed by the UK government and who recommend that all private and public sector organisations have adequate resilience plans in place.

All instruction will exceed the laid-down requirements of BS65000 – improving client competitive advantage and performance.

BS65000 sets out the parameters of organizational resilience in policy terms:

Resilience is a strategic objective intended to help an organization to survive and prosper. A highly resilient organization is also more adaptive, competitive, agile and robust than less resilient organizations.

Organizational resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, and respond and adapt to everything from minor everyday events to acute shocks and chronic or incremental changes.

However, policy has to be implemented by people – and it falls to leaders and managers to plan, develop and foster a positive working culture to deliver organizational resilience. 


Minerva Elite Performance Ltd is a registered and accreditted Pearson qualification centre. Centre Number: 06837